About Me

Dressage-At-Stanhope-June-09-Tr-3-Trot    I have been working with horses for 27 years but I have loved them all my life. My first job was an assistant councilor at a day camp giving kids pony rides all day 5 days a week. In exchange I got to ride by myself on trail one half hour a week.

I started out, as so many do, working as a groom at different types of stables: hack stables, racehorse stables and show stables around Long Island. Not only did I clean stalls, feed and turnout for years, I took out trails, gave pony rides, gave lessons. I worked as a polo groom one summer. That was very educational and exciting! But none of it was what I really wanted to do.

My first experience with teaching came about in 1992 at Lakeside Riding Academy (now New York Equestrian Center). I met with the barn manager, Craig Stevens, who instructed me on how to teach riders, longe riders on horses and train horses. He was also the first to give me the knowledge I wanted: learning and perfecting myself, the horses I work with and then being able to pass that knowledge on to my students.

Since that time, I have been teaching riders from 5 to, well, north of retirement age in dressage, jumping and eventing. My students have gone from absolute beginners to winning in the show ring. Over the years, I have taken lessons with several different instructors and clinicians. I not only learn myself in lessons, I learn how to teach what I learned. The benefit of working with so many different horses and people and styles of riding has helped my teach and train by letting me come at it from different angles. I will always remain dedicated to a classical, thoughtful, humane approach to all my students, equine and human.

As a free lance trainer, I work out of several barns on Long Island. I am able to come to your barn or can put you on a steady school horse at some of the barns I work out of. I have shown with success, in dressage, jumpers and eventing for many years. My students have shown in dressage, eventing, hunters and equitation, with success.