The first step….

So I have finally taken the plunge and built my own website. This is the first step down a long road to a bigger, better future!

I plan to keep up this online diary and share with you the journey of a horseback riding instructor!

Although I always knew from an early age I wanted to have horses in my life, becoming a riding instructor was not quite what I had in mind! There are plenty of up and downs. One moment you are riding high, thinking all is right with the world and then the next you are questioning every last decision you made that led you to this place. I guess it is a lot like having children!

This year has been no exception. The past winter was incredibly tough on everyone. When your living is weather dependent, bad weather is ulcer worthy.  Adding to that, one barn I worked at decided to end its school horse lesson program on rather short notice. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I spent a couple of frantic weeks scrambling around trying to find a new barn I could bring my lesson students to. Thanks to an incredibly kindhearted colleague who really went above and beyond by talking me up to the management and owner, I was able to bring my clients to The Thomas’ School of Horsemanship in Melville. The staff have been amazingly welcoming and I feel it has been nothing short of a wonderful place to land. My students really enjoy the facility, the horses and staff. I am very grateful to be able to work there and use their wonderful school horses in my lessons.

As fall is just a few days away, I am hoping that this winter will not be a repeat of the last one!

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