My Training Philosophy

Lucky-Halt-Pet   My approach to teaching is that each student must feel comfortable on the horse and must understand WHY they need to do something which is just as important as how and when.  I want my riders to be able to ride on their own and be able to think critically about what needs to be done in the moment and over the course of a session, month and year.

When it comes to training horses my focus is on getting the horse to be relaxed, confident and eager to learn and try. They should look forward to being ridden and understand what is expected of them. Once they understand their job, it is just a matter of building strength and suppleness to get the job done whether that is a dressage, jumping or a trail ride.

What I do isn’t only what goes on in the ring. I also educate my clients on all the other various topics relating to riding such as hoof maintenance, tack fitting, horse health and management. I encourage my clients to educate themselves as well by directing them to the many resources available on a wide range of topics.

When it comes to caring for a clients horse, I treat that horse like my own. I highly value the trust my clients place in me. I am very hands on and want to create a caring, happy partnership with that horse from the ground up. My goal is to have trained the horse so that the owner can enjoy and learn from the horse and not be frustrated because they are both trying something new at the same time. I use a systematic approach, building from the most simple exercises to the most complex. The horse lets me know when it is time to quit and time to move on.

It takes a long time to reach an advanced level in any discipline. By giving horses and riders a solid, correct base from which to grow, moving up is easy to understand.  This is what I can help you achieve.