$75 per hour

$50 per half hour

Lessons given using school horses are charged that stables’ rates.


$50 per hour

Grooming, tacking, untacking and getting the horse to and from turnout are all included.

Please note most sessions are about 30-40 minutes of ride time.

If the horse was an absolute star that day it may be much shorter. If the horse needs more time it will go longer.

Types of training offered:


Show Jumping

Cross Country

Trail Riding


Ground Driving

Training at Shows:

$90 per day

Discounts given for 3 or more riders/horses at the same show


I don’t specialize in sales of horses.

However, I can help you find a horse for sale or lease when the time comes.

When there is a sale where I connected the buyer and seller there is a 15% commission (with a minimum of $500) for horses priced under $20k and a 10% commission for horses priced over $20k. If you want me to travel and look at a horse there will also be a fee, the price will vary on the time and the distance. Expenses will always be added on to the hourly or daily fee.