Vineyard Ride 6-1-13 (29) (600x800)

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Vineyard Ride 6-1-13 (29) (600x800)It has been a beautiful Indian summer. The weather is so perfect for riding and all the horses have a little more pep in their step. As a bonus some days have been warm enough for that last bath. I am a hard core summer fan so the slightest chill sends me running for my jackets and sweaters. The horses have not seemed to got the message that the days are shorter and except for Casper have got gotten one bit of their winter coats.

Mo & Casper had a really nice time at the Oxbow Horse Trials on Sept. 21. Unfortunately, Mo had a fall two days before over an oxer, wouldn’t you just know it! Happily she was not shaken and got back on and continued the lesson unfazed. That in itself was was a huge triumph! It turned out she was pretty sore the next day and struggled through the practice dressage test. By the morning of the show two days after the fall she was one hurting lady. But she is one tough cookie and grimaced and groaned her way through the course walk and felt it was challenging but doable. Another triumph! By the time it came for her round, though, she was in excruciating pain from a pulled groin muscle and yet still laid down a very nice test. We tried to warm up for showjumping but it was too much for her to hold two point with one leg barely functional. So we called it a day and went home. I am so very proud of Mo. She has come a tremendous way in the past 7 months.

“Bear” also went to the Oxbow Horse Trials. He does not jump anymore. I only tried twice. literally 2 fences, and that was enough for me to realize he just did not like jumping. It was a good thing we picked dressage! He continues to be the complete professional in everything he does.  It does not matter to him where he goes, what the weather it like, what the footing is like, who is around him he just does what he is asked to do as best he can. What a pleasure to ride! Warm ups at shows are often very brief as he is not as fit as he should be but he really does not need a long warm up.  I just wish his trot was not like riding a pogo stick! Still, it seems the judges like him and he got a 70% in Training 3 and a 65% in First 1. The judge told me quite plainly he belonged at First Level. So we will be pushing harder for next year. For him, it is hunter pace season. He is Casper’s wingman and they do really well together.

Ringo continues to be such a fun horse to work with. He is another trier and is the same happy go lucky fellow each ride. The only thing that upsets him are horses going too fast, like playing up on the longe line or getting to quick over fences. Other than that not much rocks his world. He went cross country schooling for the first time on Sunday and while refused each fence the first time went over it on the second approach with minimal fuss. My student who leases him absolutely loves him and teats him like he was hers. He takes care of her and her confidence has grown so much since she has started riding him.